About Us

Donna Marie Frames is the self assured persons eyewear brand. We offer you sunglasses that are high quality and fashionable that will best compliment your personal style. 

Our focus is to bring awareness to your authentic self so that you may always be confident. We care about individuality and authenticity. It is very important to us that those qualities are embedded into how we do business. With that being said all of our sunglasses are limited edition just like you. 

 Own the ultimate fashion accessory in a pair of our unique and exclusive hand made Swarovski Crystal designs from our Signature collection.   

 Follow our Instagram @donnamarieframes for tips, looks, and inspiration.

If you can truly see yourself you can truly be yourself! With your confidence already in place, dressing the part is just the icing on the cake.    

 Your business is much appreciated and we look forward to the opportunity for our community to grow together.